Little Old Ladies is going to OCTAFest!  

Little Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes
By Sandra Fenichel Asher
Dramatic Publishing Company

Kate Corrigan – Jenny Burke                                                                                                                                                Molly Blumenthal – Michelle McCain Johnson

Jeff Bernstein – Luke Scantling
Marsha Bernstein – Janet Barber Johnson
Mrs. Petrelli – Patty Dixon
Mrs. Feldman – Sally Allen
Mrs. Davis – Sherry Whisman


“A sensitive comedy about friendship between generations,” said the Stanford Mail. “Full of wit and laughter…warmth and wisdom,” echoed the Sierra Madre News. “L’chaim!” say Kate and Molly. Audiences of all ages applaud their determination to “grow older, wiser, stronger in every way. But not old.”

SSCT members will be attending workshops and performing with Oklahoma Community Theatres from Chandler, Oklahoma City, Woodward, Clinton, Shawnee, and Duncan.

OCTAFest 2018 


PAAC, 1001 N. Kennedy

For ticket information call 405-840-0788