Scrooge’s Christmas.

December 2nd, 2017. 7:00 pm.

December 3rd, 2017.  2:30 pm

Central Ninth Grade Center

14 W 4th

Sand Springs OK.

Setting is London, 1843, Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning

Directors – Jenni Walker & Patty Dixon

Stage Manager – Sidney Nelson Hunt

Technical Director – Sidney Nelson Hunt

Costumes – Stacy Rice 


Scrooge – Brad Scott
Bob Cratchit, Marley, Joe – Bryan Walker
Spirit of Christmas Past, Townsperson, Narrator – Jesamine Katzman
Spirit of Christmas Present, Gentleman 2, Townsperson, Narrator – Chuck Osuna
Spirit of Christmas-Yet-to-Come, Townsperson, Narrator – Madera Sartors
Young Scrooge, Nephew, Townsperson, Narrator – Austin Floyd
Belle, Townsperson, Narrator – Merri Beth Sartors
Dick Wilkins, Husband, Townsperson, Narrator – Christian Fowler
Niece, Townsperson, Narrator – Rachel Lovy
Mr. Fezziwig, Mr. Haversham, Townsperson, Narrator – Wayne Yeats
Mrs. Fezziwig, Mrs. Haversham, Townsperson, Narrator – DeeDee Jones
Boy Scrooge, Townsperson, Narrator – Luke Scantling
Gentleman 1, Townsperson, Narrator – Mark Shyers
Mrs. Cratchit – Jenni Walker
Fan, Martha Cratchit, Townsperson, Narrator – Jennah Hendricks
Belle’s Daughter, Belinda Cratchit, Townsperson, Narrator – Abigail Elliot
Peter Cratchit, Townsperson, Boy-in-the-Street – Thomas Sartors
Tiny Tim, Townsperson – Jillian Hendricks
Balladeer, Townsperson – Danette Dillon
Woman 1, Townsperson – Haley Cross
Woman 2, Townsperson – Kim Rutherford

Workshop Actors:

Gavin Baxter

Sophie Comer

Jessie Desaire

Hailey Duncan

Brayden Forrester

Johan Lindley

Echo Ribordy

Faith Riffe

Caitlin Shipman

Avery White

Community Theatre receives awards at regional contest

The cast of Sand Springs Community Theatre’s production of “Tomato Plant Girl” recently took their show to Louisiana for the American Association of Community Theatre’s Regional contest.

Patty Dixon of Sand Springs Community Theatre said “Tomato Plant Girl” won the distinction of second alternate to nationals, first place for lighting and Jami Shine won best actress for her role as the Tomato Plant Girl.

“We didn’t win the top award, but we won the most awards—three!” Dixon said in an email.

At the first round OCTAfest competition in June of 2016, Jen Burke won Best Actress as Bossy Best Friend.

“Tomato Plant Girl” is a children’s play that tells the story of Little Girl, who’s new in town and makes friends with Bossy Best Friend. They share a garden, but Bossy Best Friend mistreats Little Girl. At one point while Little Girl is tending to a plant, Tomato Plant Girl springs up, the two become friends and Tomato Plant Girl teaches her the true meaning of friendship.

Clyde Boyd Middle School drama teacher Jenny Burke played Bossy Best Friend, Brittany Scott played Little Girl and Jami Harris-Shine played Tomato Plant Girl. Sidney Hunt served as technical director.

The festival also provided workshops for attendees about quick creation, budgeting and speed networking.

Those who want to help Sand Springs Community Theatre as it enters it’s 11th year can contact



Mission Statement

Sand Springs Community Theater is committed to developing a company which is respectfully dedicated to the exploration and celebration of the performing arts. Our company will strive to appeal to the entire community by catering to all ranges of age and ability to provide positive interaction among our citizens. This cultural connection through the medium of theatre arts should strive to entertain, educate and inform as we seek to stimulate progressive and cooperative development in our community of Sand Springs. Thank you for your support of the dramatic arts through Sand Springs Community Theatre!  SSCT is a member of the Oklahoma Community Theatre Association  and the American Association of Community Theatres


Mollie McBride – President

Jen Burke – Vice President

Brandi Hamill – Secretary

Jack Vest – Treasurer

Danette Dillon – Artistic Director

Patty Dixon – Production Manager

Dee Dee Huffman Jones – At Large

Troy Sartors – At Large

Merri Beth Sartors – At Large

Lee Wilcox – At Large