Reader’s Theatre Free

Reader’s Theatre FREE –

Playwright friends, SSCT is looking for original plays for their new readers’ theatre program! You get to hear your play read out loud by actors and are welcome to invite friends and family to listen to the reading and provide feedback on your script. Busy actors – or actors who don’t want to memorize lines – here is your opportunity for a monthly acting workout!

The SSCT monthly Readers’ Theatre program brings actors together to exercise their acting muscles by reading a play out loud. Everyone who attends the reading will get to read. If we have more actors than roles, we’ll break the larger roles up into sections (a different actor may read for the character in each act).

There is no age limit, but kids must be strong readers and have good attention spans to participate. This is not a performance or audition, just a script reading by local actors wanting to exercise their acting chops and network with other actors in the Tulsa and Sand Springs area.

This is a minimal time commitment compared to acting in a show as there are no rehearsals or memorization required. Along with the reading, we will also talk about the future of the Readers’ Theatre program and what format you would most enjoy going forward.

Contact Jen Burke or Jami Shine

Sunday afternoon once a month. Contact instructors to confirm schedule 2:30 pm Central Ninth Grade Center, 14 W 4th (4th and Garfield).

Sand Springs, OK