SSCT 2018 – 2019 season announced!

Four Poster – October 2018

We are pleased to announce the cast of our upcoming production of The Fourposter by Jan de Hartog. Mark your calendar because you will not want to miss this funny, and heartwarming look at thirty-five years of a marriage. The production will be held at The Central Ninth Grade Center Auditorium in Sand Springs October 18, 19, and 20 at 7:00pm and October 21 at 2:30pm.
The play has two characters the husband Michael and the wife Agnes, but we have chosen to have different actors play the different points in time of our characters.
Act One Scene One Agnes Jaiden Salazar Michael Ezra Mowery
Act One Scene Two Agnes Madera Sartors Michael Anthony Crawford
Act Two Scene One Agnes Merri Beth Sartors Michael Nik Stowell
Act Two Scene Two Agnes Brenda Hughes Michael Daryl Johnson
Act Three Scene One Agnes Georgie Kirby Michael Andrew Smith
Act Three Scene Two Agnes Rhonda Jullien Michael Brad Scott


When Merry Comes Home for Christmas – December 1 (2 shows) and 2,  2018

Cast List

Fletcher Family

Merry Fletcher: Kellie Johnson

Mrs. Fletcher: TBD
Mr. Fletcher: TBD
Carrie Fletcher: Rachel Lovy
Will Fletcher: Parker Gelsthorpe

Mandy Fletcher: Maya Tumey

Tyler Fletcher: Brayden Forrester


Principal Piddlemeyer: Colton Sanders

Mrs. Thompson: Gail Elliott
Mr. Castle: Austin Floyd
Mr. Dirks: Troy Sartors

Coach Josephine Riggs: Katie Acuna

Mrs. Lamb: Madera Sartors
Mrs. White: Shawnee Hogan
Mr. Little: Jacob Rampy

Mrs. Duvall: Merribeth Sartors


Kasey: Shawnna Davis
Jordan: Elijah Chronister
Leigh: Athena Elleman
Sophie Duvall: Lizzie Dawn

Captain Recycle: Thomas Sartors

Volleyball Team

Ally Luce, Kate Doak, Sarah Lincoln, Micaela Dawson, Cyra Saner

Mandy’s Theatre Club

Cara Salb, Makayla Chronister, Abigail Elliott

Elementary STEM Team

Kinley Dawson, Aurora Elleman, Gabby Acuna, Jessie Desaire, Katelynn Luce, John Finley Kitchen

Featured Singers

Ally Luce, Abigail Elliott, Rachel Lovy


Aladdin – April 4,5,6, 7 2019

The Fantastiks – June TBA 2019 

Stay tuned for audition and performance dates. 


Reader’s Theatre  FREE – Playwright friends, SSCT is looking for original plays for their new readers’ theatre program! You get to hear your play read out loud by actors and are welcome to invite friends and family to listen to the reading and provide feedback on your script. Busy actors – or actors who don’t want to memorize lines – here is your opportunity for a monthly acting workout! The SSCT  monthly Readers’ Theatre program brings actors  together to exercise their acting muscles by reading a play out loud.   Everyone who attends the reading will get to read. If we have more actors than roles, we’ll break the larger roles up into sections (a different actor may read for the character in each act). There is no age limit, but kids must be strong readers and have good attention spans to participate. This is not a performance or audition, just a script reading by local actors wanting to exercise their acting chops and network with other actors in the Tulsa and Sand Springs area. This is a minimal time commitment compared to acting in a show as there are no rehearsals or memorization required.

Along with the reading, we will also talk about the future of the Readers’ Theatre program and what format you would most enjoy going forward.

Contact Jami Shine for more info. 

Sunday September 30 –  2:30 pm Central Ninth Grade Center,   14 W 4th (4th and Garfield).   Sand Springs OK



SSCT Thanks our regular season supporters

The City of Sand Springs – for giving us our start 

The Sand Springs Schools – for space to rehearse, perform and have meetings. 

Monte and Betty Box – for space to store our stuff! 

First Christian Church of Sand Springs – for space to store our costumes!  

Sand Springs Women’s Club – for annual financial support 

Dixon Auto Glass Inc – for truck, trailer and tools 

DAG Management LLC – donations

Cross Point Church of Sand Springs – donations 

Charles Page High School Drama Department – for much collaboration!